Does Your Business Accept Credit Cards?

Does your credit card processing integrate with your accounting software?

If you accept credit cards and you’re still manually re-entering data into your accounting software because your credit card processing doesn’t integrate, did you know that you might also have keying errors?

Cut data entry time in half and reduce manual keying errors by processing credit card sales and returns in a single step with your Sage 50 Accounting solution.

If you’re using Sage 50, you have the capability to accept payments anywhere, anytime and have your transactions post back to Sage 50 automatically.  You can do this on your smart phone, a store-front solution, your existing payment device or even your desktop.

Benefits of Integrated Credit Card Processing:

Increase productivity

You no longer need to worry about applying payments back at the office.  Accept credit card payments from customers wherever you are – in your store, at a trade show, or in the field and those payments will automatically apply to an existing invoice right within Sage 50. So you can also say, “goodbye!” to manual keying errors.

Increase Sales & Customer Service

Customers like having the option to pay with their credit card.  If you don’t offer the option, you could be missing out on sales!

Credit card sales average 20-30% higher than sales from customers paying with cash?

If you have questions about integrating your credit card processing system or learning more about what services that can integrate with your accounting solution, contact our sales department at or 866-686-1329.

How Sage 50 Quantum Can Make a Big Difference in Business

Posted by: Jaima Grabner on November 5, 2014

It can be risky for businesses to undergo major redevelopments without some assurance that the changes would lead to profits; that is why they need suitable accounting software to give themselves a better view of their current situation. One popular restaurant franchise experienced such a drastic makeover, according to an article on the Forbes website, dated November 5, 2014. The article elaborates that this particular restaurant chain’s franchisees were initially skeptical of the bold new changes their brand was taking, but thanks to powerful software, they were finally convinced:


It took two trying years of negotiations to win them over. In one meeting a veteran franchisee railed against a chicken special, yelling at Bachelder, “You nearly bankrupted the system!”

Her counterpunch: data. With new accounting software in over 1,000 restaurants Bachelder could prove the promotion generated record operating profit. The system tracks restaurant profitability and delivers detailed quarterly reports comparing franchisee results against regional and national averages. Many chains don’t gather such data. “Popeyes is the true poster child for how collaboration produces for both parties,” says Aziz Hashim, a fast-food franchisee in Atlanta for 20 years, who sold off his other stores since coming to Popeyes in 2009.

Accounting software can do more than just help businesses maintain their financial records. Depending on its features, the software also provides an in-depth look at the growth and development of the business—invaluable data for when the company is at a crossroads and needs to make an informed decision. Businesses, therefore, should also consider using accounting software with features that will serve them well, such as Peachtree Quantum systems (now known as Sage 50).

Versatile Peachtree Quantum software (Sage 50) boasts a suite of functions to allow business owners to handle all matters of accounting—such as invoices, employee payment, check printing, and more—with just one software package. Not only does this offer a more streamlined process by eliminating the need to use other software, but it also means that all business transactions will be recorded in detail by Sage 50. The archived and comprehensive reports that the software can produce will come in handy for when businesses need to reassess themselves. This useful system can be purchased from licensed software resellers such as Quantum Buyers.

(Source: KFC Killer: How Popeyes Reinvented Itself To Win The Fried Chicken War,, Nov. 5, 2014)

Accounting Doesn’t Have to be Horrible

Let’s face it, very few of us like accounting but no matter how much you might dislike numbers, you simply can’t avoid them if you’re running a business.

Proper accounting practices are a small price to pay for understanding the profitability and status of your business. It’s not as brutal as you might think though.  If you’re imagining a dark, dusty office with an old desk and a ginormous calculator stacked on top of accounting ledgers, journals, and filing cabinets, that’s just your nightmares talking.

With today’s advancements in technology and wide options of accounting software, you can take care of most of your accounting functions quickly, correctly, and not have to worry about your calculator running out of paper tape.

Most accounting software today really is more like business management software.  Capabilities are far beyond simple accounting. If you’re still manually struggling to take care of any (or all) of these tasks, or even using different software solutions to manage each task, consider moving over to a business solution that manages your accounting and all your other operational needs (it helps cut back on multiple data entry too).

Business Management Software can help you manage:

Inventory – Manage inventory automatically – every time you create an invoice and add products, those items are deducted from inventory. Reports can be completed quickly and accurately (and typically run while you’re grabbing your keys to head to lunch).

Sales Activity – Today’s accounting software can offer real-time information for its networked users.  This is very helpful when you want to know what your sales look like every month.  (How about those last few days of the month and you want to know every minute if you’re getting closer to hitting your numbers?  Sound familiar?)

Job Costing – In addition to standard sales reports, you can stay on top of job costs and always know if you’re profitable and on target.

Payroll and Taxes – You know as well as I do that paying employees goes far beyond simply writing a check every couple of weeks.  Your software should give you the option of a simple payroll solution. One that simplifies your processes, tracks your payroll taxes, employee taxes, filing and paying taxes, and even track vacation and sick time.

Payments – If you accept credit cards as a form of payment, your customers will love you.  If you don’t, ask yourself why not.  Invoices are typically paid faster, internal processing costs are reduced by about 16% on average, and sales are generally about 20-30% higher from customers paying with a credit card.

So if you’re worried about the 2-3% credit card fees, you’ll be able to cover that just in the time you save by not having to manually enter all those payments! Credit card processing can integrate with your accounting software so payments are automatically applied to invoices.

These are just a few of the things well-rounded business solutions can mange for you. If you’re accounting software doesn’t offer all these benefits, ask yourself if you’re using the right solution.  Quantum Buyers has several solutions to help you find the right one for your specific business needs.

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